Principal Investment

Sturt Capital analyses complex assets and situations to identify investments that offer superior risk-adjusted returns. We are not limited by asset type or industry sector, choosing to analyse all opportunities on their merit. Since 2009, we have invested across multiple asset classes and sectors, including:

  • Loan Portfolios
  • Asset-Backed Securities
  • Special Opportunities
  • Operating Businesses
  • Specialist Finance

In general, we have established stand-alone investment structures for each investment transaction rather than establishing open-ended investment funds. This allows us to match investors to suitable opportunities and ensures that we can be patient as we are not driven by a need to invest funds raised.


We utilise our extensive range of experience and expertise to ensure that our advice is commercially sound and relevant. We have assisted our clients restructure debt facilities, raise senior debt, mezzanine debt and equity, acquire and dispose of assets, develop corporate strategy and address succession planning. At all times, our objective is to provide independent advice that helps our clients to achieve their commercial objectives.